Cal Poly With Sherri


So I wanted to surprise Sherri and take her to Cal Poly, because we ha a 3 day weekend. I was initially planning on trying to stay out there for a night. However, I saw the prices for that night and they were 4x the regular price, and the motel that I looked at, I know it is a pretty crappy place that I would not pay more than 80 dollars for. They were charging around 225.

The only bad thing about driving to Cal Poly is that it is a long boring drive. So I get bored just doing the drive, and I could feel it coming back to me, because it reminded me of all the times  I drove the cal poly and back. The different this time is that because I have a smartphone, I actually downloaded some really good podcasts to listen to, so I would not be too bored.


The one thing you might not notice is how hot it was that day. It was around 105 in SLO, and maybe 85 at Pismo beach.

Coming to Cal Poly brought back all these fun memories, so I ended up trying to bring sherri to all my favorite places. We started out looking at the engineering building, and the ugly architecture building. Then I bring her to Firestone’s to eat a tri-top sandwich. When I ate it, I didn’t think it was anything that spectacular, it could have also been that it felt like it was 90 degrees inside, so it might have affected my taste buds. Actually what I think has happened is that I most likely when I started college I didn’t know how to cook tri-tip, and they cooked the best tri-tip sandwich, however over the past 10 years, I have been getting better at cooking tri-tip, and so have other restaurants, so their meat is still pretty good, but I think other places have more flavor (because they have better sauces on it.


Once we finished lunch, it was ridiculously hot, maybe topping at 105, so we ended up just shopping at Sephora for almost an hour because it was so cool in there.


We then ended up later in the day right out at Pismo Beach, I love that place so much because the sand is so clean (no dirt and twigs/seaweeds). There were so many people, so we ended up walking a good mile. We then topped it off with driving around looking at all the beach homes, and houses out in pismo. It looks really similar to just driving around monterey (if you have been there). I think Sherri and I have started a love to just drive around looking at houses. Smile

Then to end the night we ended up eating at Splash Café in SLO, because the Pismo one had a good 1 hour line going out the door.

So I then drove back home going through morro bay, and through the vineyards in paso robles. Overall, I spent a good 8 hours driving to Cal Poly and back for a day trip. It was worth it, because I got to share all of this time, and experience with Sherri.! !!

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