Breakfast and National Palace Museum


So our hotel was at Taoyung, Taiwan.
For breakfast we had a Chinese style meal, buffet with congee, sweet buns, warm soy bean.
Anyways, the picture I took is from the men’s restroom in the lobby of the hotel. I’m still trying to figure out what I am looking at. I am thinking either a legs and bare butt, or legs and bare ankles. This is tough to decipher.

I had a little bit of jet lag, I woke up at 4 am, and kind of just stayed awake. Which allowed me time to learn another magic trick. So if I am still not sleeping correctly tonight, I might record something.


So I sit in the bus with my sister listening to the docent. My sister and I dont really have a good grasp of mandarin, she might be 40% and I might be 30%. Combine we must mathematically be able to understand 70%, but I think we are really just 50%.

So we try to translate with each other, however you should see how badly we mess up. I think we just make up definitions. So I thought when the lady said she didn’t like people calling her docent. My sister thought it was because when people say that title, it sounds like pouring oil. When actually it was “soymilk”, and the reason the docent didn’t want people calling her docent was because sometimes there are a lot of people there.


We went to the national palace museum in the morning. It was interesting watching the docent lead the tour (her name is Vivian) so ill call her that. My favorite part is that the most important popular items in the museum is the Calderon, stone carved in shape of meat, and jade cabbage. I guess that means you know what every Chinese person likes … Food!!!


We did have to wait a long time to go through, because the museum is big and popular. So it took us 1 hour to go through the top 4 items in the museum.

I was also able to buy a postcard and send it out. Since we had to leave on time, my dad helped me buy the stamp while I bought the card. I was writing in the card while I waited in line. Guess what happens when I pay in cash, their receipt doesnt work, so I stand there for 4 min waiting for them to fix it. Good thing I got the stamp from my dad, because we finished just in time. I think it cost me $1.25 us dollars for everything.


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