Baseball Old School Double header


Today, I went to watch a double header, an A’s vs Angels, then Giants versus Cubs game.

The A’s won, and the Giants lost. It was a terrible lost, the Giants had the bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th (with 0 outs), and bottom of the 9th (1 out). They end scoring no runs, and losing 0-1. Also, it was extremely cold up there, so I was freezing.

Who went? It was Jamie, Frances, Sherri, me, Jaime’s friends, kristina and karen. (I didn’t really see the last 2 girls). We all got to the game late, so didn’t’ get the t-shirt. It was a ridiculously hot day.

My favorite memory was the ladies next to us were having a great time. They even helped Sherri put her hair up. They borrowed another friend’s pin, and she put the hair up, so it wasn’t as hot.

Then as I went with Jaime to the city, we ended up at this really cool bar called “golden gate bar”. They had video games, pool, and all these big screens in there. Also, because it just opened, there was hardly anyone there. I loved the place so much, that I told my co-worker about it. He went to it with some friends, and loved it a lot too!

I really loved that day too! It was one of my bucket list things to do.

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