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Christmas in Solvang

December 16, 2019

To Celebrate Sherri’s Birthday Month, I took her to what i thought would be one of her favorite places. I found a place that had very european style houses, with a lot of Christmas decorations around everywhere. Which meant, i would take her to Solvang! It is actually a really long drive, because the traffic down there is super bad on a friday night.


I was only able to book this place called Vacations-Inn. It was a pretty good place, and the nice part is that because it is really close to downtown, we could just walk down there. Sherri told me that by just driving around the place at night (we arrived at 10pm) she knew that this place was a dream come true.

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Andrew's Thoughts


December 26, 2013


I love Christmas, because I get to eat with all my relatives. I don’t really get any presents anymore, so it is mostly just eating with my family and having a lot of fun.

I was teaching my cousin ethan to play with playdough. I didn’t tell him that playdough is inside the can, and he just built it up like a tower and knocked it down. Smile Did that for 15 minutes, then we showed him that you can pull stuff out.


I love the food my uncle cooks, a lot of meat and so tasty.


Then we play family minute to win it games, it is fun watching my mom and dad do games too. Smile


A lot of family pictures. Smile