prado day center

I went with AACF to help out at the homeless shelter. We got there, and helped them move out their washer and dryers. That didn’t take too long. But it was interesting. It was really dusty in the room, after we took out the dryers, we had to open the door for ventilation. IT was a really quaint place. Then some toher guys were wiping the kitchen floor. Then after that we went to the back and cleaned up the kids toys, and then they threw it back into the sand to and it was dirty. Well anyways, I played with the little kids. There were 2 sisters, one looked like phoebe to me, and her name was mia, and her sister was hope. They were very cute. What’s funny is that they only like playing with other girls. Hahaha, just like my cousin phoebe and zoe. I would ask them, “want me to push you”, and they would say “No”, we want Kelly. Those girls were doing the exact same thing to me. =(. To kids i’m like frankenstein mixed with the BFG. So misunderstood. I think i scare them.

Then i went to have lunch at the place. I forgot the namei think it was — flame. I forgot hte firstname, but it was really good. You go get a bowl, and then what ever you can put into the bowl,

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