Pleasanton Soccer Tournament


My company did not do bad in the soccer tournament. We ended up 2nd in division D, and none of us had ever played together. Except for maybe the females that were from a team before.

How would I describe our team, we were not too bad, you could tell we didn’t have too much chemistry by the way we passed the ball around. And everyone didn’t have great cardio except for tavis, because he plays all the time.


I had no ability left on the 2nd day. We played 3 games on saturday, and 3 games on sunday.

My style of play was just speed and moves. Which is pretty cool if you have teammates that can fly with you. However, most of the people on my team were not that fast, so it didn’t really help me at all. So I just went a blazing down the sides hoping to get corner kicks, and just stretching the defense. Which really worked well, because it gave us more scoring chances. 

It was nice that I still had some soccer moves, which was mostly a side step move, and I could stop on top of the ball from full speed all day long. Which was really nice, because the person on the other team would give me the ball.  The nice thing about my speed is that I did generate scoring chances for the team. Mostly from defensive bursts.

I had one challenge play where I came from the side and barely beat a defender to a ball. So I was able to flick it to the side like a slide, and my co-worker we off and  running in the other direction on a 4 on 2. 


Here is the full team picture. Smile

3 of the couples on the team have little children, because of that the couples were never on the field at the same time.

Now for the funny story, one of the females had come out of the game, and was just sitting there with her son. So I started talking to her, and her son was laying in a sash with his head inside it. I thought she was covering his head from the sun so he could sleep. Anyway, I was talking to her about the game, and just random things. Then 4 minutes into the conversation, I see her adjust the baby’s head in the sash. That is when I realize she is breast feeding her son. Hahaha, I didn’t realize that at all until that moment.

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