My housecleaner helps a lot


If you ever have a house, it makes a lot of sense now why so many guys do house remodels on saturdays. It is the day where you have the most energy and time. Most of the time to fix something, I have to clean up the space, and find all the tools then go for it.

As for having a lady come clean my house. She only comes once a month, so I usually have to fix the rest. I actually still clean the restrooms and kitchen. Just in case anyone htinks that I don’t know how to clean. I moped my whole bathroom floor and toilet, then I installed in a new plastic no slam toilet seat. It was pretty cool .

Then I went to the outside restroom and scrubbed the floor and replaced the aerator on the faucet. Do you know why there is an aerator? Because water if it comes out of the faucet, comes out in clumps (air bubble pockets), and the aerator makes the water come out straight by creating spaces for the air to move out through. FYI

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