memories in the scrapbook

So I have to clean up my disaster of a room, becuase my parents and sister stored a lot of unnecessary stuff in my room. The only thing that I liked is how I have 6 pillows on my bed. So I sleep with 6 of them. And if i sleep on top of the pillows and blanket it feels like I’m floating.

My sister was cleaning up the guest room a little, to prepare for the people for the hong kong mission team. We are housing 3 girls(ladies) at our place. Just have to make sure they have a place to sleep and so forth.

As my sister was cleaning up the room, she came across a really old scrapbook my mom made for us when we took drama class in elementary school. So my sister was sitting around reading it for over an hour, and then she comes up to read to me the stuff that we wrote. I think my sister and I wrote some autobiography for each play. I think I did a total of 7 or 8 plays.

Here comes the funny part. In one of the autobiographies (I was 8 years old), I write a line that says “I would like to thank God for the fun time, and giving me good memory”. So my sister is reading this outloud, and half way in this line comes up and it comes out of the blue, and we are looking at each other and wondering about the “giving me good memory”.

So then we look at the rest of the book, and we come back later, and my sister is looking at the corner of the scrapbook. And then she sees 121 lines. And then we go, “Ah, no wonder I thanked God for good memory, I had to memorize 120 lines in that play. Then I looked at the play script, and it was the mega-long script. Around 3 hours long.

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