Mega Day. Work and Friend


For work today, I went out to the city to do a service call at the Cal Academy Director’s house. There was something wrong with their temp sensors. He has a really sweet house in the city. With a good view of the city.


This is the interface that they were looking at. As you can see on the right it says 296F, which is totally off. So I tested out the contacts and everything to see what was wrong.


This is the temp sensor I was looking at, it is a 1k ohm Celsius temp sensor.


I then ate lunch in lakeshore area of oakland. It was a place that was a sister of cheeseboard called Arizmendi. So it has the one pizza a day, it was like a pizza with a salad on it.


Then I went to visit sam at his new place karma motors. He is renting out a residential/commercial building. So he lives upstairs and works downstairs. It is a really nice place.


I did drive his scooter around and sat on a couple of the bikes. It was really cool looking at all these motor bikes. The scooter was fun, but it had a low turning radius. It was like riding a bike with flat tires.



Sam is so nice too, he cooked me some food. I had chicken and brocolli. A very healthly meal. Smile 




Then I  did some work at his place, and when his girlfriend came over, I taught her how to make some balloon animals for 1 hour, while Sam was cleaning the bikes.

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