Magic tricks/New year

1)So one of my goals for this year was to get good at dancing. So I have started taking swing dancing class.

2)My other goal was to be more discipline this year, getting to places on time, and being more dedicated to my crafts, like starting strong, and finishing strong.

3)Get a mentor.

And a 4th one has been added “4) get good at card sleigh of hand.

So cards, and 20 dollars was all it took to make that goal come back alive. Read below to find out.


So I wasn’t really feeling magic too much this year. However, I got this awesome facebook chat from a friend I made 2 years ago. I did not really talk to him for a couple years but I just talked to him tonight. After my talk, my spirits to do magic has been renewed. If this was a movie, It would be like I was getting beat up badly in the ring, but I look into the crowd, and see a special person. Then I get an epiphany that I don’t do it as much for myself, but because I know people out there who I have affected because of it.

But the story was how I met that one guy at a magic store 2 years ago. He had moved west with his wife and child to find a job. Young guy, only around 25 now. We got kicked out of the magic store, but after hearing about his family situation, I gave him 20 dollars, so he teaches me a few card techniques. Become facebook friends with him.

So I just got a random facebook message from him today, and we start chatting. I didn’t realize how much of a magnitude I can have on a person. He was forever grateful for that one day we met, how I was so kind and gave him 20 dollars. He really needed money that day, and how grateful is he? He is willing to teach me everything he knows, and whenever I need to ask him anything, he is there to teach me. Smile

Things like this really makes my day, and revitalizes me.

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