I really enjoyed spending Christmas with my family and relatives. It was really enjoyable. All my aunts and uncle came to my house for Christmas this year. Some interesting facts, I didn’t know that I was the one who put up the Christmas tree every year since I was 8 years old. But I was the one, and my mom was telling me how the first time I put up the Christmas tree by myself, it was all messed up and looked funny. But nobody complained because nobody else wanted to put it up.

But i’m good at it now.

I received a lot of clothes, well I’ve received a lot of clothes for the past few years because I really don’t ask for anything. I think you could lock me up in a solitary cell with a ball, and I would come out of the cell in one year the same. What’s funny, is watching my little cousins do things. My little cousin Zoe has a lot of make believe friends, because I was walking out of the kitchen and saw her talking to herself.

But matthew is the cutest. But if we all clap our hands, he will put his toy cars on the ground and start clapping with us. And he can give high-fives, but he walks around too much. Hmm, a lot of the pictures didn’t turn out well, let me see which ones look bright enough to show.

That is Matthew and my uncle Dave.

I’m in the picture right next to my cousin Wesley. And I’m holding Brian, and he’s not asleep or knocked out (even though it looks like it)

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