Chicago Trip Day 1

So today was my trip to chicago. Since I live close to bart, I went to oakland airport through Bart. The only thing that wasn’t really running on time was AirBart. I waited 40 minutes for the bus to come, and there was a 2 bus full long line waiting. Good thing I was there in the front.

I was lucky to find a one way trip to midway chicago. It was a pretty simple and easy flight. I was lucky I didn’t lose my flight ticket, because it fell out when I put everything through the bag detector area. Good thing the lady tsa agent found me while I was putting on my shoes.

What did I do while I was on the flight? I had my phone battery pack with me, so I listened to music and practiced my card tricks. Mostly just working on flourishes and card position holds.

I arrive at midway, and thank goodness I found a map of the airport on the southwest plane, because from reading that I knew where to go. It takes me around 35 minutes to walk all the way from my plane to the orange line. I used the 2 , 3 day passes I had ordered online from groupon to ride the chicago public transit.


Their subway/train system is really good there. Smile I got off the trains and onto buses so easily. However, I was not use to not being able to move from train cart to train cart, because there is no doors between them. So if I sit in a train cart that has no one, I will be in there by myself until the next stop. 



The one big thing I noticed about chicago, is that with 85% humidity and 80 degrees at 6pm, I was sweating just walking around everywhere. It was very muggy, didn’t see any homeless people, and girls love to wear lululemon around there.

Speaking of lululemon, my friend works for the marmot, and to tell me where the store was she said “it is next to lululemon”. So I was walking around dazed, saw a church like this, and then an older lady was asking me if I needed directions. I went “I need to go to the marmot store” the lady was kind of unsure where I was talking about, so I continued “it is next to lululemon”. then the lady knew right away and told me where it is.

The other random thing I notice I think about when I see lululemon (besides black yoga pants), is that I like to call it “lulumon”, as if it was a pokemon. Not really sure how that got instilled in me, but I guess it must because I grew up playing digimon. So I just see “mon”.

So meeting up with my friend, we went to loumalnti’s to eat. It was recommended to me by my co-worker. However, I always thought he said “eat at illumanti’s”. Smile It was really good deep dish pizza, and there were huge thunderstorms that night. I was so lucky, because even though the weather report said thunderstorms all week, it was only for that night.

That was my first night in chicago.

Recap: What do I think of chicago, it is muggy and rains a lot. No homeless, nice people (like the barhop I talked too while I was walking around waiting for my friend to finish up work) . There was also the plastic bags, I am so use to not having bags that I told the guy at CVS to not give me paper or plastic. Smile Then I put the stuff in my bag and left. Also, there is a lot of really rich people out there. or at least the side I was at.

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