A’s Fanfest


A’s Fanfest was awesome. I went with Edris and we ended up eating breakfast in Oakland Jack London Square area. We ended up at buttercups, initially we wanted to go to fifth wheel in san leandro but it was closed and under repair.

What was really fun about hanging out with Edris is how we talked about everything. We ended up talking about Breitbart, and Trump, then about life, marriage, and everything else.


The A’s Fanfest experience was awesome. So many people were wearing their A’s gear around. We really only waited in line to take pictures of the world series trophy. Edris didn’t know exactly what was happening, he thought we were only taking pictures of the world series championship trophys so thought it was kind of stupid. Then he realized that we took a picture with the trophies and it turned out really awesome.IMG_20170128_111512

My favorite was there was a guy in front of us, and for his photo he just opened up his arms to show all the world championships in front of him. It looked so Baller, Edris was laughing at how awesome that looked.IMG_20170128_111530_01

They were really good and fast with the photos. I think they were doing 4 photos a minute, 1 lady on camera, 1 lady holding our stuff, 1 lady letting the next person in, and 2 ladies printing out photo and setting up everything.


We got there early for breakfast so we had a really good parking spot. Once we got out from the world series trophy picture, there was a really long line for everything else. Like player photos and so forth.


The one thing I didn’t realize was that all the food there was free. We would just go wait in line in front of a food truck, and someone would give us a ticket. So Edris and I both got free ice cream, if only we had not eaten we would have waited in line at the other food trucks.IMG_20170128_115157

We were also looking at season tickets and the prices were so good, I really wanted to get tickets but edris would not be here this year, so it would not be worth it. It looks like next year we might buy season tickets for the summer. However, we did get a free A’s emoji t-shirt. That was really awesome.IMG_20170128_120214

There was some live music, and some girl playing on a boat. Smile I like that girl, I don’t know if her music is good, but I just like the idea of playing on a boat and having a box really far away to take donations.


Then Edris and I drove around oakland, and we saw that Jodeci and Friends were playing.


So that is A’s Fanfest, it was an awesome experience!!! A++++++

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