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I finally have somethign to write about today. And I’ve only been awake for 2 hours so far. I had one of those dreams were I was dreaming that I was in some other house at home. And this was the day when i jumped right out of bed. So I jump out of bed when I hear my alarm go off. I’m looking straight at my clock and wondering where is the snooze button or whatever it is that turns off the sound to the alarm. I think it took me 15 beeps before i realized that it was that big button on top of the clock. But for some reason, I couldn’t see it and figure it out until my mind came to. So I think that’s what a headless chicken feels like.

Then we had our quiz (20 minute quiz, but worth 15% of my grade). It was 10 total t/f, muliple choice, and one problem. So our engineering design teacher hands out the quiz and when we pick up the problem he said. This problem is easy, just don’t over calculate. But everyone (all 8 of us in my class over calculated it.). The answer to the problem was really easy also. The teacher then goes to the board and tells us a story about how an engineering was trying to fix the computer and couldn’t figure it out. Then someone asks him if he plugged in the power.
That was what our problem was like, i was trying to calculate a screw strength, and I didn’t realize that the screw was too long for the stuff I was clamping. But the teacher said everyone will get full credit for the problem on the quiz. I just need to hope i did the multiple choice part right.

I went to slashdot to see what links they have up. And the only problem with that website is that unless the website they are linking to is big. The site will be overloaded, because too many people would have hit up that site.

Vinesh and I are finally coming up with characters to put into some flash animations. I’ve also been testing out different voices I can use. I can make a good narrator if i use my deep voice. I can do some warcraft 3 voices also. where did i put a link to that test mp3 i made so i could have shown vinesh. Oh here it is.

Finally, I feel like Doogie Howser right now. Typing on my computer and my roommate is asleep. .. Nvm, he just woke up. I don’t think my roommate has to ever worry about waking up, because i’m always up earlier than him. So if he needed me to wake him up I could do it. I will just stand there and type really hard on my keyboard, and that should wake him up.

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