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AFter my really poor performanace in vibes last week. That makes two bad vibes test in a row. I think I’ll have to go type A now. I really don’t like to go type A personality, but I think I will have to. Its going to be just for vibes, because I need to give it a big whooping if I want to pass my class. You can’t believe the hole I fell into. Let’s say my grade on my test were half of the average.

So I now have to change my mindset and fire myself up. I think my friends think I go ballistic on studying. Because I make it sound like a giant battle, where I have attack to the problems. Then I draw up a giant battleplan(formulas), then I pace around the room figuring out everything possible.

Today I woke up, because my roommate who lives upstairs in the closet’s alarm woke me up. But he didn’t wake up. Well, I had to go to class anyways so it didn’t matter. But it must have sucked for my other roommmates who don’t wake up at 6:30am, but at 9 or 10am.

As I was opening up my packet of oatmeal. All I could think about were beetles. For some reason, opening a box of oatmeal and looking at the oats reminded me of 3rd or 4th grade where we had beetles that we try to grow. And we fed the larva’s oatmeal. So I was half expecting a beetle to start crawling around and eating my oatmeal oats.

Then I browse the web for random webpages and went to some science webpage. It has this really cool mind controlling parasite .

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