Today and Yesterday

So I took today off to start fill out paper for the house. Took out a huge cashier check, *tear* which made my money all disappear. Went to the house did the final walkthrough, and then went to sign my papers and have them notarized.


Met the neighbors to the left, they recommended me a good garage door guy. They were really nice too, and they had did a little bit of the fence near the house on their side. I’ll take a picture next time I’m at the house.

Going to the realtor agent’s building was a pain, because they had road construction. Putting new asphalt on the ground, so I to go make a u-turn and took 10 minutes to get to the entrance that was only 1/2 mile away.

Then I went full moon hiking at the Chabot Space and science center. I love that place, if anyone wants to come with me, I have a buy one get one free admission there (the ticket is valid until 12/30/11). So any reason to go there again is great. Got it from the “maker’s faire”, and I heard the cosmo’s 360 film is awesome. Has live voiceover.



The hike started around 7:40 becuase the lady was late back from a kids hike. =) So we were standing around inside for a while.


Here is a picture of a redwood and the back of someone’s butt =P. But the storyline is this. A redwood tree reproduces in one of two ways. Either by cones, or when it is in distress it sends out its roots and they grow into new trees around the dying stump. So you are looking at the hollowed out remains of a stump and encirclying it are redwoods.


Look how bright the moon is.


Overall it was a good night.

What i also found out was that they have a free telescope making workshop. All you have to pay for are your own material. So in 3 months you could build a telescope. Awesome!!!!!! =)

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