the internal clock

I feel like I’ve finally trained myself to wake up early. Its like my internal clock is working really well. But what i noticed is that an alarm that will wake me up one day, will not wake me up the next day. I don’t know why. But today I woke up at 6:50 because my alarm would go off at 7:00. And i was awaken by my roommate’s alarm from upstairs. I think his clock is superpowered.

So I went shopping for food today, so I walked all the way to albertson’s and walked back carrying 4 bags of food. My forearms started to hurt half way back to my place. I think I should not have bought as much food . But then I imagined vinesh walking 2 more blocks farther than me. So then I thought, I can make it.

I then took my Graduation Writing Requirement. There are so many people on the campus that I don’t know, and there were so many girls taking the class. It must be because they were all business and liberal arts. And I didn’t know any of the guys in there either. So the topic that it was on was “are cell phones fostering dependency”. And there was this article that talked about how cell phones were making people more dependent on others. So I wrote an essay writing about how it was our dependency on others that fostered cell phones.

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