the engineer in me

My dad was helping my sister buy a used car, because she will need one this quarter at Sac state. So along the way somehow my sister kind of broke the rearview mirror. She just broke the part where the think mirror can flip up at night. Because i’m the engineer, I go in head first and i take the rearview mirror off and apart. Which was not a really smart thing, because I took off the part of hte mirror attached to the ball. Which is not suppose to be taken off, because I could not put it back in. My dad had called the toyota company to asked them how much it would be to buy a replacement, which came to a cost of 95 dollars. We weren’t going to do that, so I spent an hour trying to fix what I messed up.

To no avail, I didn’t get the mirror to work. So my uncle came down the street to help us. He suggested that we go to the junkyard and find a replacement rearview mirror. For some reason, my uncle was going in that direction so he went down to the junkyard near the warehouse he was going to. And he found us a replacement rearview mirror for 10 dollars, the color is a little bit different from my car, but you don’t really notice it.

My second mission today was to help my auntie restring her guitar. I told her to go to ABC music to buy the strings. But the website I went to gave her the wrong address, so she ended up in front of the comic book store. Since the people in the stores were nice, they told her where it the guitar place was.

Sometimes I get confused when I’m restringing the guitar. I acutally broke a string while I was restringing it, because I was tightening one string, while playing a different one. So I couldn’t figure out why the sound on my string wasn’t changing when I was playing it, and I eventually tightened the smallest string so hard that it snapped and make this nice long red mark on my hand. Good thing I have a spare guitar string for that occasion.

I have figured out what I really want to do when I grow up. Once I finish college, I’ll find time to start pursing my goal.

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