Telescopes, Jupiter, and Chabot Space

I mounted up the bracket to my wall correctly today. =)

After I messed up the first time this morning. So my funny moment of the day was using my dad’s drill bit. He had an old one, and I was wondering why when I was drilling I was having such a hard time going through the wood, and I did make it through often. But then it started getting harder and harder. At his point I realized i had the drill runnin in reverse, and that was why it was taking so long for it to make it through the wall.

Put in the tv mounting bracket.



I had stepped back and went “oh no, the tv is not alighned in the center, so the bottom one was the fix.

Out to SF to meet Kaley, because she was going to introduce me to the wonderful world of Marmot clothing. I had a co-worker who told me he loved marmot gear too. So I ended up getting a jacket that is pretty light, and for working out. Going to rock that jacket doing parkour. Thanks again for the wonderful salesmenship Kaley (and recommending me not ot get pants).


Time to go to my favorite museum. The Chabot space and scienc center. They have a pretty cool planetarium show, “Cosmos 360” which is narrated live, and updated for the night skyline.


Jupiter was the star tonight. So saw all 3 telescopes, and the telescopes of the amatears


They had this cool wave thing.

Also, the telescope is free viewing on fri,sat. There is a telescope maker shop where you can make youre own telescope The materials would end up costing at least 900 dollars.

Finally, I am slightly starting stress out about my house and the PE test. Crap, I don’t have enough time to do both. So I’ve begun to slow down on working on the house, and gearing up for the PE. For the house, my dad comes buys and always find new things I have to fix.

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