Soccer Goals and Boba


Today there really isn’t much to blog about. Alan did come over and we were looking at soccer goals. He is really into soccer, because of that it has been making me want to practice more. So I bought some agility cones, and did some soccer drills around it. It is a really good workout, I’m not sure what it is… I think it must be the power explosive leg running/control.

My goal is to start working on my soccer training for next year. I have kind of an idea of what to do. Now the interesting part will be seeing if I can make it come to fruition. I have started to run at night, even in the dark. Smile There are a lot of random people that run, usually a lot of girls with their dogs.


Then Alan and I went to tea six to get some boba, and who do we see in the corner? It is Albert. However, we do it creepy by sending a text of us seeing him, as we are leaving the place. We never said hi or bye, we just took a picture of him, got our boba, left, then texted him. Smile

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