Playing Cards with my dad


I guess I have not really updated much about how my dad’s chemo is going. But I think it is actually going really well. Mostly because he has not got sick, and we have been trying really hard to make sure the house is clean and he isn’t infected. If you are sick, we ban you from the house. Smile

Here is the breakdown. The doctor finally came back with the biospy results, and he thinks it is only stage 2 or stage 3. He could not really tell which of the two, but that is a good sign, because stage 4 is the worse. So it just means that the cancer is only that one mass on his pancreas.

So one of the things I did was play cards with him. We played 21, like we did as a kid. My dad want my sister and I to learn how to deal with money. So he thought if we did this by playing cards, we would learn to use money and how to save it. Also we learn how if you play non conservative, you can lose big or win big. He wanted to recreate it. So that is what we did for an hour that night.

Then after that I went and worked on my magic website, and signed up for a square account.

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