My Doctor

I forgot all about my doctor, and I tried to get a check up to look at my pinky. So I talked to him today, and the nurses said “you should get an adult doctor know, Dr. Nackley is a pediatrician”. Then they told me that the only reason it is important is because if I was in the emergency room my current doctor would be unable to help me.

Anyways, I went to the doctor and he said several things happened to my hand. Most likely I had a little fracture and it had pulled back a ligament and healed wrong. So I had to drive to the Bay Valley Medical center next door to St. Rose Hospital to get x-rays on my finger. When my doctor sees it, he is going to give me a call and tell me what is up. In the x-ray room, I felt like I was in a 1960 radiation shelter. The room was kind of darkly lit, and the x-ray lady gave me a lead pouch to lay over my command center, then she would walk next door, close a sliding door and take an x-ray. I kept on thinking, if I get enough radiation, I might get a superpower.

I really get into sports games, because I was playing NBA Live and Fifa against my cousin. And I lost 2 basketball games by less then 2 points in each one. Oh yeah, I’m looking for a primary care physician, because I need an adult doctor. And I was going down the list of doctors in the same medical group, and only the female doctors are left. But my files will move through the same medical group faster then if i went outside and got a new doctor. So I have to look for two doctors. One in SLO and one in CV that I can switch between.

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