Mother’s day

My cousin got me good on sunday. I found it as a compliment that he really was so happy that he finally beat me at something. Didn’t know he really looked up and held me as a standard bearer. Now he says, he will never be sad evermore if I beat him in everything else now.

I did celebrate mother’s day at little cousin’s birthday party.

For my mom, I made her a card.IMAG0407

So i’ve been trying to figure out how to better improve myself. I do know a couple things I should work on, which I will try. It will be sometimes being patient, because if I get a direction of something to do “its like a forest fire”, we are going all out to make it work. Which means i burn out fast, so I have to struggle through the end of it, to make it work.

The other one is still just being more outspoken on things if they are wrong, or needs correction. I let a lot of things slide because I don’t care. But I think I should care, and then at work it is more just say something without soudning shaky. No “maybe, guess”, it is all statements “this is wrong”.

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