Mom’s Chinese Dance Recital


This will be a picture intensive blog update. Smile



So one of the things that my dad usually does for my mom is take all the videos for her dance recital. Since he is still sick, my dad stayed at home, and his best friend came over to hang out with him. While that was happening. I ended up taking all the pictures and videos for my mom.

Anyways, I went and bought a new camera for tonight. The point and clicks that my parents had was not that good in low lighting. So researching online I found a good low point and click camera. The best one they had before SLR.

It was really good, the hard thing was waiting for it. I actually bought it 2 day shipping. It came from OnTrac, however it didn’t come one time on friday night. I tried calling them at 10pm, and waited on the phone for 1 hour. I don’t think anyone was there that night. Sad smile

Anyways, I woke up at 6am in the morning hoping to pick up the camera from the warehouse. However, they don’t allow me to pick up. Which made me go to best buy and buy it. I ended up buying a newer version, and spending an extra 150. IMAG3541

The recital was held at Ohlone College. Which is a pretty small theatre, but it was really pretty. So here are the pictures.


I think my mom spends a year working on 2-3 dances. So here are just some pictures. I really like the little kids ones, because it is fun watching them trying to stay in sync with each other.



There was one girl, I think she must be about to go off to college. Because she had a lot of friends around, and had a solo dance by herself (and was given a certificate).



My mom also got to do her ribbon dance. I actually recorded her, so it was funny when I caught her mess up a couple times. Mostly because she stepped onto her ribbons a couple times.


Then there was the dance where she was doing a guy and girl dance. It was pretty fun watching it.


What I just realized. I don’t really think there are guys that do chinese dance at all. Smile I think most boys would never do this type of dance.



The little peapod girls. Smile


One of my favorite things of the night was noticing how the chinese dance teacher changed her dress 3 times in the night.

Overall, I can enjoy watching the dance, especially if I have something to do like take pictures.

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