looking for vinegar

hmm, i’m looking at the ingredients to make cookies. And i need to get buttermilk. But i just read how i could make something that is close to buttermilk. I take a teaspoon of vinegar and mix it with 1 cup of milk and i can get sour milk, which is very close to buttermilk. Now i just need to figure out who has vinegar, i’ve asked 3 people. I think i will need to ask more people. I’ve asked 3 people already. None yet.
So i’m just sitting here doing strength of materials homework. What a different once night makes. I’m doing the exact same thing, that i didn’t understand last night. All i did was sleep on it, and my brain decided to figure it out in my dreams.


nasty cookie

i just tried some of the cookies i made today. My sugar cookies. I”m never ever making sugar cookies again. Mine were nasty, tasted awful, and made me feel sick.

It was really nice of the girl small group to make us cookies in the shape of our names. =). I reallyed liked them, the cookies were better then mine.

I don’t like how some teachers have really sporatic grading. They take points off for stuff, even if you use the right processes, but mess up on some numbers.

If i wasn’t named Andrew, i would want the name …. nevermind.

Working at light house, i saw 25 people from AACF while i was standing in the back just watching people serve.

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