Little Kids like to be carried

So I went to church with my parents today because I had to go do some things with them after church. We were looking at some furniture for my house, I was going to buy some stuff from some other church people.


Going to buy their 52 inch tv, and get a couch. My parents didn’t really know them either just from mutual church friends. So for these people they had to leave for china in a month, so have been trying to get rid of a lot of things.

Anyway that boy in the picture, I sit down on the couch to feel it, first thing that happens is the boy runs up to me and jumps at me with his arms open up. So I pick him up and carry him. So I carried him around for 5 minutes, and everytime I put him down he would run around grab my leg, then come back and jump at me. Such a cute funny boy.

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