it was a very windy morning

how did i sleep through my alarm today. I was sleeping and then i decide to open my eyes and look at the clock. And kaBoom, it was 6:55. I had 15 minutes to get to my class. So I ran into the restroom, and ran out, and put on clothes and ran outside.

Very chilly, the wind was blowing really hard. It felt like that i could fly if i jumped. The wind could have carried me to class. I wish i had a hand glider. Then i would jump off the roof and glide to class.

It’s very painful when your ear freezes and then you go into a warm room. My ear was throbbing in class. It felt like it was defrosting, but that was painful. And my jaws felt locked, and when i opened and closed it, i heard clicks in my mouth.

I feel led by God to start a skit team for AACF. It took a while, but i remember what BJ said to me. Leadership is taking steps. Leaders set up. I prayed, and felt God wanted me to stop being the benchwarmer. And take some control and not be passive and let everyone else have all the fun. =). Pray for me, I want to be a leader. So that i may know what to do.


if i concentrate

i will be more efficient. Turning on my computer makes me lose concentrationing. So i have great concentration when there is nothing disturbing me.

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