i have to get google to stop pinging my page

I was looking at the stats to my site. And i get hits on my site from google, because my blog hits topics people talk about. I was looking and if you type. Well i spelled lanterns wrong. So if you put in “make chinese laterns”. I’m the irst page that shows up. =)

While i’m on the topic of making chinese lanterns. I might as well teach you how to. Just in case google hits my site again, and some poor kid out there really has to know how to make a latern and get lucky enough to hit this page.

Set 1. Get a nice colorful piece of paper. And decorate it.

| | |
| | | ,<- that right there is the paper.
| | |

Set 2. Fold the paper in half ( i like to fold it with the short half). and then unfold it back open. Now from both sides. Fold the paper to the middle. And open it now you should have 4 creases.

| | | | |
| | | | | ,<- that right there is the paper.
| | | | |

Set 3. Fold the paper back in half to the same crease.
Set 4. Now cut the paper from the open side up. Leave at least a 1 inch margin at the top. Then start cutting the paper 2 inches from the side. And give around 1 inch between the cuts.

Set 5. Unfold the paper, and then move both ends toward each other. And it should look like a tube. Then just tape it togther, and make a little handle and tap it to the top. And voila you have a chinese paper lantern.

Now its time to see if can get to the top of google’s search engine. I need to give the title. Make Chinese Lantern. Okay. Later. Have to to do more work.

ooh, i’m jumpy

i’ve just energized up. I think God wants to do something with my life. But i have to get it straight with him. So i’m going to have to pray for more discipline, and make my body a slave to God. That’s all i need to do. =) But that will be hard. I don’t know how others will perceive me. But i want to take one step higher. I want to be without reporach. I just have to keep reaching for holiness.

And if I doubt myself. I want to build up my faith. I still want my faith to move a mountain. So i have my regime workout set for God.

Set 1.
Set aside 15 minutes a day to listen to God. Not counting devotions.

Set 2.
Keep a prayer / spirtual walk journal.

Set 3.
Put on the armor of God, by memorizing Bible versus.

That’s it.

About me beining jumpy. I don’t know why, but i’m giddy right now. I want to be “the nice guy”. I want to be even more then “the nice guy”, I want to be extruding with God’s love. I want people to walk by me and wonder what is it about me that makes me stand out.(and it’s not my clothes). I want to be like that time when i walked around with a bumblebee on my shirt. Have people look at me.

Finally, I think i’ve reached the point in my life where I can overcome rejection. I will take it and just go with it. Because I don’t want to be fearful, if i have God on my side. I am already a winner. Like the bible verse. “If God is for us who can be against us” Romans 8:30-32. And “have i not commanded you to be strong and courageous” Joshua 1:9.

Why did i write about this, because i’m still thinking about the retreat. And if I put it on my blog, I wrote it, so i will go through with it.

I was just thinking about how I myself can be used by God. I sometimes don’t know, i think its because i’ve been looking in the wrong place. I’ve been looking in the opposite direction. So i’m going to try a new direction. My heart is burden.

did i blog too much?

i don’t know. But if you read it, I know you will keep me accountable. Even though i don’t know who reads it. Why do i write personal stuff. Because i want to talk about myself. So if i act funny, or not as cool. It’s because i’m trying to change myself.

I should have those hats, with a clip inside, where i can change the bible verse everyday. Or create words on my hat. So it will be cool.

hit hte penguin

i cant hit it 530 feet


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