Because I have been helping my dad a lot, I haven’t really had as much time to blog. Which is something I really love to do. But there are more things that are important right now.

The one thing I noticed that has been happening is that I don’t really have much that I complain about any more. I just know that I have more responsibilities, and trying to take them all on. It is is kind of like how a superhero person like batman beyond has to  fight crime all night. So what ends up happening is that he doesn’t have as much time for his love life, doing his own activities, or just being lazy. Smile 


So this week, I went and planted an peach tree in my backyard. Smile I tried to fit the tree into my car, and I realized what having a sunroof allows me to do. It can be open, to allow a longer tree to pop out of it.


Next thing I had to do was clean the gutter at my dad’s house. It wasn’t too bad, just a build up of leaves and some dirt at the hole. Then everything went down easily.

IMAG3264Finally I ended up ironing clothes. My dad is funny, because I think he likes everything ironed. Even his pajamas.


Finally, my mom showed me this champagne. It is the one from my birth as a baby. She has kept it all this time, which is really cool.

That is all I have for today

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