Good Day

Today i woke up fairly early, after going to sleep late. I woke up at 9:00 and decided to wash my clothes. So i was walking around outside with really bad hair. I wanted to see if i would see anyone. Anyway’s i ddin’t see anyone.

I had a good quiet time. I got some stuff off my chest with God

Walking takes a long trime. So i went to jam session today. So i walked out my room, and there were so many people walking around at 2:30pm. I wanted to carry my guitar the way they carry it in desparado. But i didn’t want to scare people so i jsut carried it the regular way. So i was sitting there waiting patiently and i thoguth no one would come. Well no one came except for Jess. So i just jammed with him

We took a quick detour to a burger joint. There we saw a replay of the ending of the standford game. Such a good ending. They kept on replaying it. =). Swish from 35 feet away.

So it was only me and Jess, It took us a while to warm up, becuase i was sleepy. So i wasn’t really paying attention while i was playing. Because we were playing alone. I’m kind of hesistant when i play with Jess, and i think it’s because he leads worship so i don’t think i can play as well as him. But it didn’t really matter. So eventually we took out the gray binder of goodness. And started to Jam, and then Nat, Cat, and Antho joined in.

Then we had to play texas holdem because Cat wanted to play. So CAt one the first one, and i was farily lucky in the next 2 rounds, becuase i got a flush on my next round, with 4 of my cards being diamond after the flop. But it was fun, but Nat fell asleep, and antho had a pen above her face, and Cat was hitting his hand as he drew on her face.

So anyways, after that Jess, I, and the Antho household consisting of Ed, and Sam, went to the Weston and Peter house. And they had a BBQ. We played the NCAA b-ball game. Jess and I were using hte Cal Poly team, and we were playing in the Mott Gym. Such a nice game, I wish i was in a video game, Then i would use my self the entire game.

Robin decided he was the rock and every wrestler, and rock bottom me onto the couch, i was launched nice and high.

Peter and Steve made a really nice dinner, we had smoked salmon, tri tip and some other kind of meat, corn, salad, bread, and rice. We were watching a show on tv while we ate. I think the movie involved a cartoon with lions and a king. And there was a wartho and a thing called timon. I think it was a very manly show. It was on abc. I won’t divulge anymore becuase it might have to walk the walk of shame if you found out we sang along with the songs.

Somehow my entire day went by. And it’s late now. =)

another victim

another victim off my bad spelling. I saw another person come to my website from a google search. How to make chinese laterns. Haha, i’m still number one there. =). I need to somehow get myself off of google, but i dont’ want to delete my entriy. So people will just have to endure with me not spelling l a nte rn. I think it’s because i write the word chinese adn the word lantern together. So i won’t do that anymore.

Statics homework is hard.

Do you like to do skits, act? Good.

i’m doing work

and i’m not getting the right answer. Very frustrating. So i’m giving up right now and going to sleep. Maybe when i wake up in the morning i will figure it out.

Today i learned … I’ll have to get back to you on that. But i’m still working on my webpage. For my stick guy host it will be good. Really good.

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