encouragement day

Ah, today will be encouragement day. Why, I don’t know. But it is. I think it’s because i have begun to lose confidence in my math skills. And today we have a quiz, and i think i did really well on it, but i’m not sure. So i think i’m lacking in confidence in math. As, I want to be encouraging because i just saw my little encouragement fish from AACF.

Vinesh gets a gold medal for sticking it out through college. It is so much fun to do things togehter like play guitar and soccer. You understand my jokes before i even understand them sometimes. brazilian style studying..

Michael is such an encourgament to me. ( a very generic term). I know you will win fantasy football next year, but this year is my year. Thanks for listening to me when i had problems. I’ll make a webpage for you so you can be even more popular then william hung.

Bryan gets to be near the top because i know he reads my blog. And i wouldn’t put him on the bottom. I want to encourage bj because he is such a great listener. And has the heart of a servent. Makes me proud that i know him. I wish you the best in EECS. If you feel like giving up. I’ll just say the example my physics teacher was saying today “The first woman to climb mount everrest was asked what her secret to get to the top was. She said that her father told her that in order to eat a whole elephant, you have to eat it one bite at a time. And put the rest in storage, and eat it later.” What does that mean for eecs, i think it means if you want to eat a big cs program, you have to make it one piece at a time.

Ivan Roxors, or because i don’t really know what roxors is. I’ll assume it means, “Rock your socks” Because when you say it it does sound like rock socks. So Ivan rocks my socks, because he has a heart that the cowardly lion would want.

Doug gets a funny award, for being humorous. But i’m not sure about your taste in j-pop. No other caucasion guy i know out there listens to baby vox.

To AACF people, I love you guys, even though i show it, i really do. =0).

Time to sing the happy song.

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