hmm, emotions are such an important part of life. I think emotions can affect your life more then anything else in the world. If anyone need to be smart in either emotions or intelligence. I would chose emotion. I was sitting around yesterday, and i just felt stressed out. It made my emotions feel all out of whack, and I was just trying to control my emotions. Every single emotion I had for the week was about to erupt, so i just let them go, and just expierenced all of them. So, I was really mello yesterday, and really didn’t feel like myself. I just let my emotions just run through me, so i flet sad, angry, happy, and discontented, and other feelings. Just releasing them made me feel better.

Now i’m much better, I feel that I can give again. Just have to keep on pressing on. Eventually, I’ll be able to rise up, but right now I’m just wading through the water. It just hurts when i put my emotions on the outside, because they get hurt so easily. I wear it on my sleeve, so if you don’t see it, it’s bad.

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