Chocolate Eggs


I finally think my rabbits have figured out one word. I say “Come Daisy”, and the rabbit comes to me. When she comes to me, the other rabbit Jake comes by. If she is in front of him, he mounts her, so I push him off and tell him to not be angry.

It is pretty cool now to have the rabbits somewhat come to me when I say the phrase.



Rabbits poop is a lot of hay and alfa-alfa, and dry. So I prefer the rabbit to poop all over the place as long as the rabbit pees in the litter box.

I was talking to one of the project engineer, he is 40ish. So, he was telling me how as a college kid, he once pulled a prank on a friend. Him and a couple of his friends were working at fast food place. So one of their other friend calls them, and acting like a prima donna tells them to bring him a burrito. So pissed off at him, they make him a burrito, and come to his house where he takes a couple rabbit pellets and stick it there. Then they watch their friend eat it, and laugh. Smile

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