Cal Poly Career Fair


I went back to Cal Poly for a career fair for my company. So on tuesday when I drive in, I get to campus around 5pm. Then I started to walk around the campus reliving old fun memories.

I think it was rush week, because there were a bunch of frats/sororities, bbq’ing on dexter lawn.


This is the walk I took from the engineering hall to the architect room. Which I did every single day. Smile


The next building is the corner of the robotics building (use to be) where I had my first and last class at cal poly. I had ME 143, intro to mechanical engineer, and ME 347 mechanical engieneering ethics. That was the most interesting thing, because I took my first and last final in the same room.


Here is the ME lab, and the robotics lab is next door. The places were I have spent nights sleeping inside.

Then to finish the night I met up with my cousin, and he took me around to some places to eat. I wanted to go to firestones, but they ran out of meat, which made me sad. Because it was at cal poly that I learned to love tri-tip.

I met his roommates, and one of those guys had a 3d printer, which I thought was so awesome, and makes me want to get one. So I am waiting as long as possible before I go buy one. I was told that the best one to buy, is one that is already built. Mostly because I don’t know what I am looking at, if I”ve never made a printer before.

I also ended up buying some cal poly gear.



On wednesday, we all set up at the career fair. The company forgot to tell me that our booth was next to our parent company ACCO. So I sat around talking to one of the people working the front desk.

The thing that sucked for me being there and not our manager was that I could not hire anyone. My co-worker and I just told people about our company and accepted resumes. While the people next to us were doing on the spot interviews. Also, since my company did not have its own name, no one really knew what we did. So more CS guys came to us instead of mechanical guys. People in CS would most likely be overkill for what we do.

We did end up finding some really qualified people, so crossing our fingers we might have new workers.

Then I bought some oberto beef jerky from downtown slo factory.

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