Aaron’s Oh So Close First Fight

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Here was the email I sent out for the day.


Saturday: May 31

7:15am: Breakfast of Champions (Andrew will make Pancakes, Eggs, sausages, milk and Toast)

7:55am: Pack up Ice, ice box, and Aaron’s duffel bag into car

8:00am: Road to Glory – Leave for Boxing Place Music brought to you by, NFL Theme Anthems, Sports Anthems, and Movies.

8:30: Pitstop – Drop Rabbit poop off at doug’s house at castro valley

9:00: Parade of Roses: Aaron’s weight in

10:45-11:00: Feeding of the Masses: Dim sum at the Legendary Palace in China town

1:00 Showdown in the Town – Aaron Boxing Match

after all the matches Road to Recovery : Lake Merritt hanging out and resting, maybe my grandma’s house if she is not sick

7:00pm: Homecoming Hero Meal: Dinner of Korean BBQ  at AH_Jong        


Aaron actually woke up late, so I really only made breakfast for Chosen and myself. Then we just packed him some food. I made eggs and sausages.

While we were driving we played epic music to pump him up. Then we got to Oakland and I took some pictures to document the start.



Then we left Aaron and went to chinatown to have dim sum. It was interesting the number of people we had show up. I had really only told a couple people, but they told more people so there was 12 of us there. It wasn’t bad eating there, I think it turned out to be around 90 dollars for everything. So we all ended up paying around 8 dollars.

We also went around Chinatown getting boba and other random things while we waited for everyone to show up for dim sum. I got some fortune cookies.

My favorite memory of the day was walking around chinatown we saw one of the guys from church pop out of a minivan as we were walking to dim sum. We thought he was coming to eat with us, but what had happened was he was being dropped off, while we were walking in that area.


The sad part of the day was that when we went in to get ready for his fight, it ended up that his opponent did not show up. Sad smile So he didn’t get to be on the card. My favorite part of the boxing match was that if you were the winner you got a trophy, if you were the loser, you got a medal. However, Aaron didn’t get on the card, so he was not a winner or a loser.


There were a lot of matches ranging from 6-28. I think maybe 1/3 of the matches were technically sound, most of them were just go out and pummel them. So it was super aggressive and rarely any defense.

I think the reason for the style of fighting is the points you get. The fights are oriented towards offense and landing in punches. So you don’t get any points for defense. Smile Also, it is hard to knock people out because if you get knocked hard, the ref already gives you an 8 count. Along with that, there are only 3 4 minute rounds, so no one is extremely tired.

My favorite match was the woman’s match. It was really technical, also the women seemed pretty close in weight, with one being more muscular than the other, but they both were able to fight really technical. They were defending and attacking. My favorite was the two guys in the crowd that were rooting for the girl named Briana, she looked a little bit less muscular than the other girl. So one guy kept on telling and yelling stuff out for her to do. There was this big guy in purple who got up during a break and went “everytime she punches with her right, dodge right then go boom boom boom boom boom” as he made punching motions.

  Sitting in front of me were Joann and Michelle, and I guess they liked my commentary. I was mostly just talking about what I saw with my friend Johnny. The girls actually enjoyed the commentary because it made the fight more interesting because I was giving insight into what was happening.

The other cool thing I saw was that Cheng had brought a fan, it was a super smart thing because it was really hot in there with 200 people in a warehouse.

Also for the night, we walked around lake merrit to get ready for dinner.

As for dinner we had Jong Ga and had an absurb amount of all you can eat BBQ.

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