I would like to reflect on my past year as a 22 year old. … Okay, I’ve been trying to think about what i’ve accomplished and achieved the past year, and I’ve actually done a lot. I finally got that elusive internship, and I’m figuring out a little bit more about myself each year. Still figuring out what really motivates me in life, I know one thing that really motivates me, is the pessimistic person that challenges my inability to not be able to do something. For some reason, I really get hardcore and motivated to make myself better through that that motivates me.

As for my birthday today, I didn’t really do anything special. Had dinner with my parents, and they gave me money and joke gifts. My favorite one was where I got a bag of candy, and my sister had already eaten half of it. So I have kind of a list of things I want to accomplish this year, and the first one was being in Batman shape.

Josh and some people at church know. I want to get into Batman shape, so everytime I think about doing pushups, I’ll go and do pushups. (let me go do some now because I just thought about it). That way I’ll have monster arms by july.

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