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Softball Win

June 11, 2013

I was so happy that we won today, but it cost me a BBQ. Smile

My friends ask me why I am sad that we lose, and that I take myself too seriously. Then I was telling one of my friends on my team how that I don’t really care about losing, but how everyone makes the same mistakes. I train them in several fundamentals moves, and if they make that same mistake during the game, it makes me sad that I didn’t teach them well.

For today’s game, I changed the lineup a little, and I ended up playing 3rd and hitting 1st. It was an awesome game, I started the game off with a walk (which our team has not had for the past 8 games). I didn’t score, but it set a tone.

To motivate the team I had said “I’m going to take you all to house of prime rib”. I knew deep down we didn’t have a chance to win unless we played perfect, and people could hit. I guess I was the hitter for my team, because when I went up to bat, my friends would be yelling from the stands “do you feel your wallet crying? I want prime ribs.” So with the game tied 1-1 and the bases loaded, I drew a walk to give the team a 3-1 lead in the top of the 3rd.

The other team got a couple unsportsmanlike conduct called on them, which stopped them from tying the game.

I also had a triple in the game, but no one could score me.

I actually started to get angry because in the 5th inning we lost the lead because of 3 bad errors in a row. Sad smile The other team took a 7-5 lead. 3rd base missed a catch and throw, 1st base missed a grounder, and ss let a ball go through his legs. I was also out of the game because my arm didn’t feel good.

In the top of the 7th we started to make a comeback, the girls were hitting the ball 3-4 feet, where they pitcher and catcher had to run to the ball and couldn’t make the play. The game was actually tied 7-7 with 0 outs, and the bases loaded. The next guy and girl proceeded to pop up and strike out. 🙁 I was sad because I didn’t want to be the one that cost me a bbq.

So I was sitting up there thinking, do I want the win? or do I want to not pay for the BBQ? I didn’t want to be 0-10 as a manager so I decided I wanted the win.  Since I was on fire, I hit a solid single right up the middle to give us the lead, which would end up being the score we won by. Smile

We then celebrated it at the restaurant “Chaplin’s” where we had beer and food.