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Paso Robles Travel

September 12, 2020

Last week, I took Sherri out to Paso Robles for our vacation for this year. Especially with COVID happening this year, we have been getting cabin fever. So this trip was a nice way to get away from the bad air in the Bay Area for a nice week long trip. I ended up finding this nice cottage in templeton, the place was called Home Sweet Home Cottage and looked really lovely.

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Andrew's Thoughts

Christmas in Solvang

December 16, 2019

To Celebrate Sherri’s Birthday Month, I took her to what i thought would be one of her favorite places. I found a place that had very european style houses, with a lot of Christmas decorations around everywhere. Which meant, i would take her to Solvang! It is actually a really long drive, because the traffic down there is super bad on a friday night.


I was only able to book this place called Vacations-Inn. It was a pretty good place, and the nice part is that because it is really close to downtown, we could just walk down there. Sherri told me that by just driving around the place at night (we arrived at 10pm) she knew that this place was a dream come true.

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Andrew's Thoughts

Vacation in Rome

November 18, 2019

The last part of our trip was in Rome, the place with all the historical places, and the most amount of ruins around. This place feels like i’m walking around in a living museum. Everything is historical and amazing. The biggest thing i noticed when i travel to europe is just how so many europeons travel within these places, like the way we travel to other states. Also, everyone wears dresses everywhere.


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