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Transparent 2.0

May 2, 2013

So for Transparent, it was the kickoff for the new term. Which also made me sad, because I noticed how much older I was now. A lot of the people I grew up with were now in the young families group. Will I get use to it? Maybe, but it will take a while.

Makes me feel like I am back in college, when I was a super senior. However, unlike that, it isn’t the end of me at transparent.

However, I do feel like that I have a couple more years left on Core, but the quicker I can get off core, the better it will be to usher in the new era.



Tonights transparent service project was doing things to help the community, random acts of kindness. Such as the following:



Pushing shopping carts away



Picking up trash


Offering food to hungry people that were high. Smile


Helping a brother out with pepto bismol when his stomach was not feeling right. From winning a hot pepper eating contest.