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Dinner in Oia

September 24, 2018

So one of the things we did after the photoshoot was just sit around inside the cave house resting up from the hot sun. It was ridiculously hot, and the clothes where my back touched the backpack was fully soaking wet.

Here is a view of the nice ocean from our room. The one thing I didn’t realize is that the patio area for our place is in front of the walking area for people. So you randomly see tourist walk around and take pictures in front of the doorway. From talking to the people the peak tourist time is from noon until sunset.

One of the things we gravitated towards was seafood. Our photographer Giannis told us where to eat and not to eat. The mussels and solavki were amazing. I also enjoyed the lasagna a lot.

After eating, we started exploring random parts of Oia , especially the parts that were far away from the sunset viewing spots.

We tried kissing fishes, which are just fishes that eat your dead skin cells. It was interesting because it felt like something very tiny prickling on your feet. As if you were lightly shocked.

Then Sherri and I continued to explore all of Oia and taking pictures of beautiful doors.

Then for dinner we went down to amoundi bay for a sunset dinner. The picture above is of the restaurant. While the picture below is of the steps we have to take to get down. The bad thing about the walk is that they have donkey rides that climb the stairs. So I think around 30% of the steps are covered in donkey poop. 🙁

Once we made it down we proceeded to order all the seafood we could get our hands on because the Yelp reviews for this place was really good.

Here is Sherri looking very happy.

The people to our right were really funny Americans. They were drinking so much and also got out of the way so we could get a sunset picture. So nice of them!!!

Crab cakes

Salad with fish.

There were more food items, and I would say the fish was the best. I ate them so fast that I don’t have pictures of them. I’m not sure how they do it, but they fried the fish really well.

Then after dinner we had to walk back up the 300 steps to the top. However, with our short legs it was a trek so every 20-30 steps we would take a break. Here Sherri poses with amoundi bay in the background.

Here is a picture of the steps.

Almost back up at the top.

One of the first shops we found when we got back up was this silk/scarf sho. Sherri and I spent a lot of time in there just looking and touching. It was super fun for Sherri, I also ended up getting a few silks for my own magic tricks.

The nice thing about Oia is that once all the people are gone, it is a very fun and nice place to walk around. Slow pace and just quiet, with the ocean to your side and shops to your other side.

The last story of the night, since we didn’t have a car, we could not go wine tasting. So we wanted to try a Santorini wine, ended up with us buying it from a market in Oia. The guy said, do you want to just open up a bottle and try it to see if you like it? So we did that, and we bought a bottle, since I didn’t have a bottle opener, the guy opened the wine for me there. So Sherri and I walked back to our place holding a bottle of open wine. I think some of the people walking by us we’re super curious as to why I had an open bottle with me.

I would say today was one of the best days of the trip so far.

Andrew's Thoughts

Day 4: Photoshoot in Oia

September 24, 2018

So today is the day we go to Oia. I had forgot to bring my driver’s license, so I could not rent a car. Sherri was angry at me, however, it might have been a blessing in disguise. It was crazy how small the roads are. I think that more than 50% of the side streets are really just one way roads that somehow has cars driving in both directions on them.


So because we did not have a car, I had to find a way to get to Oia to meet our photographer. Our photographer was named Giannis giannist photographer, and he was able to help me out by picking us up and bringing us to the Airbnb. Which was super nice of him to do at 8:00am in the morning.

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Andrew's Thoughts

Day 3: Perissa : Smaragdi Hotel

September 23, 2018

Day 3 out in Santorini was our first really fun island living. We were down on the southeast side, and the place reminds me of Mexico. Mostly because of the resort vibe I get from being next to the beach.

Woke up and tried the breakfast buffet, it wasn’t bad for the price. The food was pretty American traditional, which was pretty much eggs, sausages, bacon, and some assortment of breads and cheeses.

I really love this flower. Makes me want to grow it in my backyard.

In the morning, our goal was to walk to the archelogical sits, then lounge on the black beaches.

Sherri didn’t exactly know what our plans were for today, because she was still a little sad that I did not rent a car. However, I had a backup plan.

As we walked down the street, you could see the rows and rows of beach umbrella seating, I think every restaurant had a beach seating which was free with a minimum food purchase. Or if you didn’t want to pay for anything, you could still just lay down on other portions of the beach.

I would say the scariest thing in Santorini is the ATV’s and Cars, these roads are small and tight, and people and cars share the same path. So I always have a feeling i have to watch out of ill get hit by a car.

We shop a little bit for Sherri, she got new leather sandals. Then we took pictures at the pretty church next door.

After doing some shopping we end up going to the beach, laying under an umbrella from one of the restaurant. The owner is standing on the sidewalk shirtless, and Sherri is telling me do I want to move to Santorini and do that? I tell her yes, because it looks so fun.

The black beach is interesting. It is not as fine as the sand I see in Pismo, or Hawaii. It is a little more gravel, like the sand I use to level out the ground when you want to add pavers to a yard.

We leave the beach at around 1:45 to get back home and prepare for our sunset Cruise. While we were waiting our there, I learned how late Greek time is, our driver got to our place a good 20 minutes late. While we were waiting outside for the bus we waved at an old lady across the street. She was so nice because she came out later and gave us candy. Sherri was scared of going over because she had no idea what the lady was doing. But I went over and got some candy from her. I didn’t understand her, but from her hands and motion, it was because we were friendly and waved at her when she came out of the house.

Then we hopped onto a bus and arrived at the boat for our sunset Cruise. It was a semi-private boat ride, which meant there was only 14 people most on the boat.

There are the pictures of similar looking boats. Out boat went to two of the beaches where we jumped into the water to swim. It is fun how having a noodle made it so much easier for me to rest and float around. I think I just have no swimming stamina.

Sherri and I were louging in the top seats next to the boat captain. He was a college student who must have been texting a lady because he seemed to be texting a lot, and mostly just letting the boat steer go straight and letting the tide take us.

We did a little snorkeling. The water was really clear but there were not a lot of fishes to look at. Meanwhile, the snokeling equipment was not extremely airtight. So i could only see for a minute at a time.

Here is the net we could lay on when the boat was not moving, it was a pretty solid role that had very minimal give to it.

Our third stop, we swam a little more and then had our meal. They cooked a really good pork steak and chicken breast. However the pork steak looked better. Too bad my stomach shrinks when I swim because I was not hungry at all. It took a good 30 minutes of me struggling for the food to get finished.

Then the main deal of the night was our sunset view. We floated across the amoundi Bay and a church on the rocks.

Here is a look of the village of oia after the sun was really close to setting.

Here is Sherri enjoying the sunset as the golden red color engulfs her face.

There was a really funny scene, as I was walking up from the restroom during the sunset part. The captain was slightly adjusting the boat, and I accidentally grabbed his wheel and jerked it as I was moving to sit on the top of the boat. It made the captain jump because he was holding on and then the wheel just got spun, and two other coworker who was next to on the boat were laughing so hard. One of the co-workers gives me a fist bump later saying he liked that a lot.

Then once the sunsets, we all clapped our hands at the sun for being good at doing it’s job. 😁

Then I also learned how bad the traffic in oia is. I didn’t realize how many Cruise ship people take the bus up to oia for the sunset

So that place is packed and in the summer it can take over an hour and a half to go back to the port for them (it takes around 40 minutes usually).

Eventually, we get back to our hotel room in Perissa.

Overall today turned out wonderful, not having a car did not hurt as at all because I found out our photographer is picking us up tomorrow. He will deliver us to the next place. 😙.