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House Painting

August 4, 2013

So I have decided to work on my house and with my parents leaving, I have decided to repaint the kitchen. The good news is that I don’t have as many cabinets as I thought I did.

Why did I want to repaint? Mostly because I didn’t like the dark color of my cabinets, looked so old and dreary. Sad smile


To start off first, I decided to put a magnetic wall on my cabinets. It was a good idea, except I didn’t know how to paint it correctly, so the wall at the end didn’t really turn out correctly Sad smile.


The cabinets are darker than they appear. Smile


This is the black magnet paint, that stuff is so strong, it took forever to wash off my hand and my sink. So I ended up scratching my sink, trying to get all the black magnet paint off.


I thought this would be a quick job, however, it ended up being a 2 week job. Trying to get it finished before chosen moved in.


I started on this project on a friday night.


So after 2 days,  I was able to paint all the cabinent edges. It was a good thing I had really strong primer paint, because I didn’t realize I needed to really sand down well. I ended up just putting on a lot of extra paint, and adding cushions to the cabinets so it would not end up scratching the paint off.

How do I feel, I realize that if I ever want to paint again, I am paying someone else to do all the work. It is worth it, but I did enjoy working on the kitchen. A hard done job.