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Working on the parents house

July 7, 2013


There is this shed in my parents backyard. I didn’t know it was a room, my dad had only mention it being a shed. I look inside it, and it is a nice shed. There are 8 outlets in there.


We were cleaning the windows of dirt and dead wasps. My favorite thing was I pulled down the shades and couldn’t pull them back up. so my dad showed me that you can just take the shades up and roll them up manually. Smile Smart move, smart move.


Then after that I went to the circuit breaker turned off the power and proceeded to tighten the wires in the circuit breaker.


Then I went to each room to replace all the outlet sockets with new ones. I tightened them all and rewired it. It was a really hard job because it was so hot that day, and I wanted to do a good job, so it took me around 15 minutes per outlet.

Take off the cover, remove the old outlet, strip the wires for the new outlet, tie in the new outlets, and put coverplate on them. Then clean up my mess.


This is me trying to take a pipe hose outlet off. I could not do it because that pipe was fused really well .I spent 15 minutes jump up and down, beating my crescent wrench with my hammer.