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Cubs and Bye Bye Liver

May 31, 2013



Today I went to a cubs game. So excited, because I don’t think I have ever been to any baseball game besides giants and A’s before. The ushers there are so nice too.

Started the day off with a nice breakfast at this hipsterish place.




These are those bleachers on the rooftop. From going to wrigley, I can see how this stadium is located in the heart of a residential area. No wonder they play so many day games, it would keep everyone awake at night. Smile 



The ushers are so nice, they told me where to go, and I just went down to the field to look at the players. A lot of the diamondbacks had old A’s players, which made me so excited.


Took a picture next to ductwork, for some reason because I work in construction, I actually look to see what type of equipment places use.


These were my seats from the game on the 2nd level, it was a nice spot with a good view. IMAG1409

Today was Kerry “Woods Gnome giveaway, and the cubs won, so the fans were happy.


What is this next picture? For the night thing, I went to “Bye Bye Liver”. It was a raunchy type of a sketch show. Where they played drinking games, and all the sketches were about beer.


What type of drinking games? It was guess the song by notes, if you guessed it right you didn’t have to drink, and the crowd would drink. They did have one song “we are the champions”.

Another game was Another one was “would you?” So if you guessed correctly what the person would answer , you didn’t have to drink. I got chosen for one, and my question was “would you rather have a tattoo of your private on your forehead, or a tattoo of your mom on your private”  IMAG1411IMAG1390

AS for what my sleeping arrangement looked like? I slept on this air mattress thing. Smile with a pillow and blanket.