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DBo’s Bachelor Party

June 30, 2013


To celebrate daniel getting married. All the guys woke up at 6:00am to get to napa by 9am for a ropes course.

The best part of the trip was the beginning 10 minutes of the trip. We were all told not to tell the bachelor what we were doing. So the best man (his brother) had told him to wear either jeans or shorts, whatever is comfortable to move in.

So at 6:30 am we are all standing around, and he looks at all of us wearing shorts, and he is wearing jeans. He looks at us and goes “should I get shorts?” we say “hmm, it doesn’t really matter’”. Hahahhaha, but it did matter because it got really hot in napa by the time we were done with the course 95 degrees around 11am.


The place was near a repurposed army base.


The guy made a joke about how the dangerous things to look out for.

– mountain lions

– rattlesnakes

– poison ivy

– the most dangerous “state employees”

so we were told to run if we saw a state worker. Smile with tongue out


We all took our waiver forms here, and we did a team building obstacle. There were four trees and 3 heavy wire ropes connecting all the trees together (the ropes were 2 feet off the ground). So we had to make our way across. The first set of trees had an orange line above that we held onto to cross a 15 feet gap. The next set of trees had a 10 feet gap with nothing  except a rope looped around  hanging on the next tree. 

For that one, we tired 3 different methods to get across, one was to just run across, that guy fell off had to go back to the beginning. We tried to counter balance our way across, everyone leaning back and grabbing the other guy. That failed and 4 guys fell off. Then they had me hanging onto one guys arm, while he was holding onto a tree. I did the best splits I could so I could put my foot as far away as I could, then I quick popped up and grabbed the hanging knot.

After that, the next guy would lean off my friends arm, and grab onto my arm to get across. We all did 2-3 times at each spot then we continued on and let someone else take our spot.

The last one was a 25 foot rope crossing with 2 ropes hanging 10 feet from each other in the middle.

My favorite scene from that is when a guy was holding onto a rope and trying to grab the other rope, loses his balance, and would then swing around while he tried to regain his composure.

Then 13 of us were packed in tightly on the beam at the end for a picture.


We made the bachelor do everything first. We all were in harnesses and went up to the top. The bachelor we had him walk forward, backwards, then he had to crawl backwards, and to repel off, he was told to run and jump off. Took him 15 seconds before he did it.

While for me, walking the beam wasn’t too bad because the rope was really taut, so you couldn’t really fall off. Then I tried to do a somersault, and just slightly missed to the left and a I rolled off the beam into the air. Smile That was pretty fun, but I pulled a couple muscles on the missed landing.


Then there was another one with out a beam, but a rope with 4 ropes hanging down that  you used to get across.


There was a zipline that we went down. Hardest part was climbing up without wanting to fall.


Last one was really hard. It was a post you climbed up, stood straight up on the post (20 feet off the ground) and if your knees were shaking the whole post shook. Then you jumped 2-3 feet forward to grab onto a trapeze bar.


None of us wanted to walk back the 2 miles to the car. So when the best man drove the SUV up, we all jumped onto it. So there were 5 guys in the car, and 7 of us hanging onto the sides. The funny part was when we were first leaving the area, there were a lot of branches on the sides, so the guys on the sides got whipped by some leaves. SmileIMAG1505


There was one guy sleeping in the car when we got there


Then for lunch we went to this burger place for food.

Came back played board games, and ate ice cream. Then I went to eat dinner in alameda.