About Me

Okay, I’ll make it short and sweet and simple.




I was born in Fremont, and grew up in the Bay Area, attended College at Cal Poly (Go Mustangs!). I love to do so many things, and I think my greatest personality traits are my curiosity/optimism. Which made me want to be a renaissance man, and experience everything. My friends say, I have the least amount of fear flowing through me, because I love to take chances and don’t worry of how the consequences.


If you read my blog, you should be able to see that I don’t usually double check my writing. Why? Its because I’m pretty busy, and this is not an essay I have to turn in. So there is usually not too much double checking.


As for things I love to do. I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in robots. =) Too bad I don’t work really with robots, I just do controls for construction.


As for my hobbies, I love an assortment of things, but its hard to get to all of them. So we can say I love art, illusions, and music. I love to water color and do color pencil drawings. Adore illusions and doing street magic. Then when I”m tired and I want to wail on things, I play on the keyboard or guitar.


As for outdoors stuff, I play almost any sport that has a ball, but especially baseball, football, and basketball. Then I also like to bike, I wish i could say I like to work out. But I don’t, but I still try my best to stay in shape. I’m pretty skinny, and compact.


Finally, I love candy if you haven’t figured it out. I love twix and black forest gummy bears, which are the staple of my sometimes unhealthy diet.

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