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Oia Bookstore and Volcano

September 26, 2018

Woke up to a beautiful day in Oia. It was so calm seeing the water and all the fishing boats just floating around out in the ocean. Sherri was really tired so she was sleeping in for a while.

We decided to do the volcano tour today. And we had a pretty cool tour guy making sure we knew where to go. The one thing that we noticed is how fast the guy who was taking us to the bus walked. It is the tall long legs of Greek people.

Here is my beautiful wife all dressed up for our volcano hike.

We got to take a boat to the volcano. It is interesting to see how people work on the docks. They were nice and late like always, I think our boat came 15 minutes late.

The boat ride messed up my hair. 😎

The volcano tour was okay. Not much to see, just a lot of rocks to walk on. Just walking to the top and back took 1 hour. We did get some nice pictures but there was not much to look at.

The boat then went to the other part of the island so we could swim in the hot springs. I did jump in but I did not have a noodle so I was super tired after treading water for 5 minutes. I wish I could tread water longer.

The area had this cute little area to just eat and rest. We went to one restaurant and they took forever to even get to us (I think we sat at the edge for 30inutes) so we went to another drop in restaurant to eat. The winds were actually getting pretty strong while we were out there. I heard them say there is a storm coming in so all the tour boats went early today.

There was a really cute bookstore out in Oia. It was run by a guy from Tennessee. He had changed the place into a really pretty room. They also had a little area to read the books you buy upstairs. They also had quotes across the top of the ceiling.

Then we end the night walking around Oia and eating at one of the other restaurants called Skala. The fried fish was amazing and it is crazy how good they can cook fish.

Sherri and I ended up the night enjoying more wine and cuddling with each other while enjoying the night.

Andrew's Thoughts

Dinner in Oia

September 24, 2018

So one of the things we did after the photoshoot was just sit around inside the cave house resting up from the hot sun. It was ridiculously hot, and the clothes where my back touched the backpack was fully soaking wet.

Here is a view of the nice ocean from our room. The one thing I didn’t realize is that the patio area for our place is in front of the walking area for people. So you randomly see tourist walk around and take pictures in front of the doorway. From talking to the people the peak tourist time is from noon until sunset.

One of the things we gravitated towards was seafood. Our photographer Giannis told us where to eat and not to eat. The mussels and solavki were amazing. I also enjoyed the lasagna a lot.

After eating, we started exploring random parts of Oia , especially the parts that were far away from the sunset viewing spots.

We tried kissing fishes, which are just fishes that eat your dead skin cells. It was interesting because it felt like something very tiny prickling on your feet. As if you were lightly shocked.

Then Sherri and I continued to explore all of Oia and taking pictures of beautiful doors.

Then for dinner we went down to amoundi bay for a sunset dinner. The picture above is of the restaurant. While the picture below is of the steps we have to take to get down. The bad thing about the walk is that they have donkey rides that climb the stairs. So I think around 30% of the steps are covered in donkey poop. 🙁

Once we made it down we proceeded to order all the seafood we could get our hands on because the Yelp reviews for this place was really good.

Here is Sherri looking very happy.

The people to our right were really funny Americans. They were drinking so much and also got out of the way so we could get a sunset picture. So nice of them!!!

Crab cakes

Salad with fish.

There were more food items, and I would say the fish was the best. I ate them so fast that I don’t have pictures of them. I’m not sure how they do it, but they fried the fish really well.

Then after dinner we had to walk back up the 300 steps to the top. However, with our short legs it was a trek so every 20-30 steps we would take a break. Here Sherri poses with amoundi bay in the background.

Here is a picture of the steps.

Almost back up at the top.

One of the first shops we found when we got back up was this silk/scarf sho. Sherri and I spent a lot of time in there just looking and touching. It was super fun for Sherri, I also ended up getting a few silks for my own magic tricks.

The nice thing about Oia is that once all the people are gone, it is a very fun and nice place to walk around. Slow pace and just quiet, with the ocean to your side and shops to your other side.

The last story of the night, since we didn’t have a car, we could not go wine tasting. So we wanted to try a Santorini wine, ended up with us buying it from a market in Oia. The guy said, do you want to just open up a bottle and try it to see if you like it? So we did that, and we bought a bottle, since I didn’t have a bottle opener, the guy opened the wine for me there. So Sherri and I walked back to our place holding a bottle of open wine. I think some of the people walking by us we’re super curious as to why I had an open bottle with me.

I would say today was one of the best days of the trip so far.

Andrew's Thoughts

Day 4: Photoshoot in Oia

September 24, 2018

So today is the day we go to Oia. I had forgot to bring my driver’s license, so I could not rent a car. Sherri was angry at me, however, it might have been a blessing in disguise. It was crazy how small the roads are. I think that more than 50% of the side streets are really just one way roads that somehow has cars driving in both directions on them.


So because we did not have a car, I had to find a way to get to Oia to meet our photographer. Our photographer was named Giannis giannist photographer, and he was able to help me out by picking us up and bringing us to the Airbnb. Which was super nice of him to do at 8:00am in the morning.

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