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Magic Truck Storage Box

November 10, 2018

I was at harbor freight and they had a really pretty wooden toolchest. I have been cleaning up the computer room and I notice that Sherri needs more room for her hobbies (yarns and art supplies). So I found this chest , I will eventually engrave my logo on the front of the door.

The box is pretty big and gives off a magical feeling to it,

Here Is a picture of the stuff I put into the toolchest. I can say it carries all the small items easily and only the top shelf has a deeper footprint that allows you to fit a ball and cup in the top.

I hope this toolchest will be very useful to me, and allow me to grab my items quicker with less cleaning involved.

Andrew's Thoughts Illusions

Invisible Paper Bag Trick

August 28, 2016


So I performed this trick for Children’s Sunday School 6th Grade Graduation. This time it was much better because we made sure the kids didn’t should out and act rude saying things like “I know how to do that, he has it in his hands” where the kids are throwing out comments and guessing right just because they guess everything.