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May 6, 2012

I watched “the avengers” on friday night. It was pretty good, and my favorite hero on that team is usually the big heavy tank. All that they do is absorb damage and when they touch you, they can beat you up. 🙂

So I think the guy I really like out of the avengers would be Captain. Mostly because he is a regular guy who has the the right heart, before he becomes a super soldier.

On Saturday, I had an art day.


I made 2 paintings, I messed up this painting slightly so I had to start cutting it from the side.That is why the tree is not in the center. 🙂




So both of those are going to be hung on my wall.

I also put up some cable wall moulding to hide wires moving around my house near the tv. 🙂

Also I had a Children Sunday School Dinner today at one of the chruch person’s house. It was pretty awesome just hangning out with them.

Andrew's Thoughts Art


May 3, 2012

So I wanted to make a color pencil drawing of a tulip. So this is the final product.


I usually get my inspiration by looking on deviantart, to see what pictures people take, then I draw it. Makes it a little easier for me.

Here are some process pictures


I sketched it out, but i don’t think you can see it.


putting in some shadows to start off.


So this was my first color over, but I didn’t like the shadow colors. Looked kind of like barf, the shadow orange. So I had to color over hard to make a new color. Broke a lot of color pencil tips.


TaDa! Went with red over that barf color, and my tulip looks better


Pixelized with my phone.


Smiley Face

April 16, 2011

So I made my friend a quick color pencil drawing. I need motivation to draw and finish it. So after 5 hours, (1 hour yesterday, and 4 today) I have a final drawing.


Initial Drawing


Starting to put in the coloring. I shade that way, because with color pencils I don’t erase I just color over the wax. Then I brush away the exra leftover.


Final image. I started getting lazy so that windmill was the worse colored of them all. And I used the “AWW” signature. =)


Here is what my desk looks like while i was starting. There is a tracing paper on the right side for my hand, so I don’t rub the color pencil wax on the drawing and smear it. IMAG0291