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Working with others

August 26, 2017


Man, yesterday was a tough day at work. I am trying to finish up my Union City Project and we can only work every other friday in that place because those are the days when there are closed on those days.

Currently, it has taken us 2 months to work on this thing because initially we ran into several problems which was caused by us using the wrong actuator. Our actuators only spin 90deg, but we needed one that could free spin more than 360 deg because the dampers that control the air are like curtains. So you can spin the curtains up in both directions. It is something that I have never seen before in the many years I have worked.

Also, what makes this project really hard also is the ceiling tiles. If you look carefully, I have to put them up in a specific order, with the “key” tile going in last. I came up with a really good way to track everything by laying down everything exactly like how it needs to go back up. So that changed the time to put up the tiles from 40 minutes, to 5minutes to put the ceiling back up.


So today, I started at 7am, and we were going to make 20 pieces of equipment work. That is when my co-worker comes in and poops on it all ….

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Andrew's Thoughts

Marriage Tips from me?

August 10, 2017

So I was talking to Edris last week and he was asking me about marriage advice. And t is really interesting what I came up with. What I really notice is the biggest thing that is the difference is usually your spouse’s family upbringing really affects how they react to your family. I feel like that is really the biggest disconnect for both couples, How they interact with your family.

Today, I was learning how to help Sherri better by just being there. It is superhard for me because when I am sad I really like to do things to feel better. While Sherri likes to be more sedentary and sit there thinking about it. When I just sit there with her talking and waiting to see if she feels any better, I have an urge to just run around and do stuff.

That is my random marriage thoughts of the day.

Andrew's Thoughts

Katie and Brian Han’s Wedding

July 9, 2017


We went to a fun saturday. It was Brian and Katie’s wedding, it was held at a house in pacifica. The house was Katie’s Aunt’s place, and we found out the uncle was one of the first workers at genetech (So paula’s co-worker).

The wedding day was perfect, it was really sunny and a good 75F weather. The hor’ dores looked really pretty, they had heinken, and corn dog bites, chinese chicken salad in to go boxes, and


There was also some really good tacos made from the people catering the taco meat. It was delicious, and I just know that Sherri and friends all ended up in the balcony next to the two people making all the mexican food. Smile


The back of the house had a really great view of the side of the mountains, and the giant field on the other side of the street.


I had a wonderful time with Sherri just celebrating. But since we are still newlyweds, I did some things that made her sad, and she was angry at me for at least one hour before the wedding started. It was because I couldn’t really hear here, and I walked too fast  because I wanted to use the restroom and left her behind. Then she was angry at me, and gave me a stink face for a while until the wedding started. It made me sad because my body was starting to hurt and I couldn’t really care or think of someone else at that time, because I was holding it. The thing that sucked was that once I got sherri mad, I could not do anything to make her feel better. I just have to wait, kind of like when you get a timeout and sit in the corner for 30 minutes.

Overall, I really liked the wedding, and thought it was a really fun day, The really funny thing was how the wedding time was from 2pm-6:30pm. So we all got back home at around 7:30 pm. Enough time to do other stuff at home.