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November 2019

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November = Art/Crafts Time

November 26, 2019

So one of the bad things about november is that the weather is cold, and the daylight is short, so this has caused me to go into my build mode. Sherri has been spending a lot of her time sending postcards to people in other countries. So I have been buying a lot of antique papers and books.


I found this book which was made in 1895. It is a bunch of black and white drawings of cities around the world. So Sherri has been making scans of random pictures like thes to put into the postcards she sends.

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Andrew's Thoughts

Vacation in Rome

November 18, 2019

The last part of our trip was in Rome, the place with all the historical places, and the most amount of ruins around. This place feels like i’m walking around in a living museum. Everything is historical and amazing. The biggest thing i noticed when i travel to europe is just how so many europeons travel within these places, like the way we travel to other states. Also, everyone wears dresses everywhere.


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Andrew's Thoughts

Vacation Florence

November 17, 2019

Florence was a city with a lot of great history and a lot of beautiful statues throughout the city.  The only thing i would say that i wish i had done differently about going to Florence was putting it after Rome, and not going to Rome first. Mostly because the air quality was better and the streets were cleaner in Florence..


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